Paul Klee. Lo sguardo e la voce – Eng

Paul Klee. Lo sguardo e la voce
Show on texts and images by Paul Klee.
Realization by the Collective Bateau-Lavoir in collaboration with the Mask Association

Angela Malfitano reciting voice
Lorenzo Meo piano
Nicola Baroni violoncello/hypercello
Luigi Pizzaleo keyboard/electronics

Music by
Gianluca Deserti
Ivan Fedele
Massimiliano Messieri
Giulia Monducci
Hans Otte
Arvo Part
Alfred Schnittke
Improvisations and Live Electronics
Nicola Baroni
Lorenzo Meo
Luigi Pizzaleo

Texts freely selected from the writings of
Paul Klee

60 minutes (no intervals)

Paul Klee. Lo sguardo e la voce
Paul Klee is not well known for his activity as a poet. Even though not comparable to the
visual artist, Klee’s writing activity is nevertheless a precious instrument of knowledge of
his artistic world, particularly in his diaries. In the project “Paul Klee. Lo sguardo e la voce”
the Collective Bateau-Lavoir has identified a solid framework of texts and images extracted
from the poems and the pictorial production of the Swiss artist, upon which a complex and
multiform musical plot intertwines.

One of the fixed elements of the musical side of the event is the Buch der Klänge by Hans
Otte (1979-1982), a crystalline and hypnotic piano collection providing a minimalist aura.
The execution of some of these essential and ascetic piano pieces are partly broken up,
and partly superimposed by the improvisation of a second keyboard. The dialogue
between these two “flying” pianos expands through variable actions of the cello, mixing its
voice with extended techniques and electroacoustic contaminations, combined with
improvisation on the synthesizer, and the diffusion of electroacoustic music. The
improvisations are mixed with original works for cello and piano.
The reciting voice develops a trajectory between Klee’s poetic texts reconfigured as Lieder
in the widest possible sense of the term.

• A projector system with a dedicated laptop.
• An acoustic piano
• A digital keyboard
• A mixer and two laptops for the live electronics
• A stereo PA
• A synthesizer
• A scenography composed of a coffee table, a chair and a lamp.