The Cardew Ensemble is a collective of musicians-researchers-composers unified by the creative
exploration of distant sound languages in their emerging process of confluence between the
experimental dimensions of avant-garde music and multiple styles of migrant peoples, merging
traditions, new identities, hybrids and innovations.
The Cardew Ensemble develops multiple projects uniting the contribution of musicians in search of
new sound resources beyond any cultural border and style. As a group originally involved in
improvisation, collective composition, Live Electronics and interpretation of
Graphic Scores, the Cardew Ensemble supports
projects of research, production and workshops related to popular and non-European traditions in
their incessant process of development and hybridization. In this regard the project “Fughe e
is a point of junction between European experimental musicians and African immigrant musician
asylum seekers. The parallel “Rhizome” project presents, finds and integrates the roots and the
music styles of migrant peoples
The productions of the ensemble are dedicated to Cornelius Cardew, a daring musician, founder in
the Sixties of the AMM improvisation group that unified avant-garde and free jazz exploring new
timbres from Live Electronics; founder in London of the Scratch Orchestra coordinating
professional musicians, students, figurative artists, workers, amateurs in an uncommon sound
project based on listening, improvisation, ethical and revolutionary ideals; creator of the colossal
collection of graphic scores “Treatise” inspired by Wittgenstein; creator of popular songs and
modules reabsorbed into avant-garde artistic contexts.